Over the last 35 years TCL Plastics have selected and partnered with world class manufacturers who have delivered value to our Irish customer’s products.

TCL Plastics harnesses our suppliers technical and commercial support to ensure our customers have the very latest technology to compete in the global marketplace.

Our suppliers support us with consistent well managed deliveries and with TCL Plastics’s localised logistics network allow us to exceed our clients requirements. In a regulated environment we offer our customers products that meet International quality standards and certifications.

EMS-GRIVORY produce high-performance polyamides suitable for metal replacement and applications in direct contact with drinking water or food.

CHEVRON PHILLIPS produce PP, PS, HDPE, MDPE, linear low-density (LLDPE), Metallocene for a wide range of applications.

Global leader with the supply of Styrene Copolymers for commodity applications with European compounding capability in ABS, ASA, SAN, PC & PC/ABS.

KEP are one of the worlds biggest suppliers of Homopolymer and Copolymer Acetal (POM) suitable for applications in the medical, automotive and industrial sectors.

Supplier Spotlight

EMS-Grivory: Tailor-made high-performance polyamides for medical technology.

Polyamides from EMS-GRIVORY are used in a wide range of applications for sophisticated therapeutic equipment and laboratory fittings, disposable and reusable instruments, containers, medical infrastructure, protective equipment and mobility aids in the field of medical technology.

Their specialty polymers pass the specific bio-compatibility tests according to USP Class VI and ISO 10993 per with flying colours and are resistant to sterilisation processes as well as aggressive disinfectants and cleaning agents. Their product portfolio satisfies the high performance requirements in the field of medical applications with both transparent and high-rigidity reinforced materials. 

Among the applications realised are fluid-carrying components in infusion systems and respirators, breathing masks, surgical instruments, analysis containers, OP lights, structural parts for hospital beds, monitor brackets, patient lifting devices, walking aids, hearing aids and fitness trackers.

Reusable medical products or instruments present a possible risk as source of cross-contamination. EMS GRIVORY has developed Grilamid TR HT 200, with its crystal-clear transparency, high mechanical strength and toughness as well as excellent resistance to chemicals, especially for innovative reusable applications. This material can be steam-sterilised up to several hundred times at temperatures around 134 °C.

EMS-GRIVORY PA Sanitized materials have an anti-microbial effect making them suitable above all for surfaces and components which are handled daily by many different daily. In accordance with the standard JIS Z 2801:201, growth of bacteria is inhibited by 99%.

EMS-Grivory: GreenLine

The primary objective of EMS-GRIVORY with GreenLine is to offer customers products based on renewable raw materials, having excellent properties and allowing a proven contribution towards reduction of environmental impact. From a technical point of view, GreenLine products are in no way inferior to crude-oil based polyamides.

Under the general term GreenLine, EMS-GRIVORY markets a wide range of bio-based polyamides which are manufactured partially or wholly from renewable raw materials. The “GreenLine” series is made up of products , from the following families, which provide a wide spectrum of special properties from very flexible to extremely rigid, from high heat or hydrolysis resistant to perfectly transparent.

Grivory HT (polyphthalamide)

Grilamid TR (amorphous transparent PA)

Grilamid 1S (PA1010)

Grilamid 2S (PA610)

From a technical point of view, GreenLine products are in no way inferior to crude-oil based polyamides.

By using monomers obtained through chemical processes from the renewable raw material castor oil, the environmental impact of GreenLine products is significantly improved from a “cradle to gate” point of view compared to crude-oil based polyamides. The total emission of climate-damaging gases during the whole manufacturing process of the polymer and its precursors can be reduced by up to ¾ depending on the product.

Despite the use of renewable raw materials, GreenLine products are not biologically degradable polymers. Their durability is comparable to that of crude-oil based polyamides.

EMS-Grivory: Transparent High-Performance Polymers in Medicine

Polymers are among the most widely used materials in the medical industry today. It is estimated that more than half of all medical products currently in use are made of polymer materials. The ability to see through products or to check the flow of a medium or the filling level: transparency, for example, is just one of many key properties that make polymers such sought-after materials for medical products.

Polymers can be used in a myriad of different ways. Due to their low weight and ease of processing, for example, they not only make work easier in general, but also are also incredibly safe when used by patients and medical personnel due to being absolutely resistant to breakage.

Used for disposable products such as syringes, containers, catheters, and respiratory masks, they are indispensable given the high hygiene requirements in hospitals. But nowadays, medical instruments for use during surgery and even prostheses are made of polymers.

In addition, polymers can be manufactured in almost any colour, which makes it easier to distinguish between similar-looking products and prevents confusion. Specialty polymers, all of which are adapted to their specific purpose, have found their way into healthcare technology.

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