Over the last 40 years TCL Plastics have selected and partnered with world class manufacturers who have delivered value to Irish customers products.

TCL Plastics harnesses our suppliers technical and commercial support to ensure our customers have the very latest technology to compete in the global marketplace. 

Our suppliers support us with consistent well managed deliveries and with TCL Plastics’s localised logistics network allow us to exceed our clients requirements. In a regulated environment we offer our customers products that meet International quality standards and certifications.

EMS-GRIVORY produce high-performance polyamides suitable for metal replacement and applications in direct contact with drinking water or food.

CHEVRON PHILLIPS produce PP, PS, HDPE, MDPE, linear low-density (LLDPE), Metallocene for a wide range of applications.

Global leader with the supply of Styrene Copolymers for commodity applications with European compounding capability in ABS, ASA, SAN, PC & PC/ABS.

KEP are one of the worlds biggest suppliers of Homopolymer and Copolymer Acetal (POM) suitable for applications in the medical, automotive and industrial sectors.

Supplier Spotlight

EMS-Grivory: Tailor-made high-performance polyamides for medical technology.

EMS-Grivory: GreenLine

EMS-Grivory: Transparent High-Performance Polymers in Medicine

Other Suppliers

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