Our medical clients operate in a highly regulated environment and demand the highest standards of product quality, delivery and service.

We exceed those standards with our commodity and engineering range of medically approved grades in applications from simple packaging to complex devices for vascular surgery.


  • Surgical devices & trays
  • Monitoring devices & imaging
  • Laboratory & diagnostics equipment
  • Respiratory & sleep therapy
  • Medical fluid delivery
  • Renal & blood handling
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical packaging & drug delivery


TCL Plastics’s packaging clients demand cost effective products meeting consistent quality standards and regularity of supply.

Environmental considerations play a big part in the packaging sector, effective design with single strand material, minimizing part weight in combination with clever use of recycled products in smart applications are now the norm alongside meeting all pharma and food regulations.


  • Food & beverage packaging
  • Consumer packaging 
  • Transport packaging
  • Industrial packaging
  • Healthcare packaging
  • Agricultural packaging 
  • Bottles
  • Caps & closures
  • Pouches
  • Flexible packaging
  • Shrink film
  • Heavy duty bags
  • Greenhouse films
  • Thin-walled packaging 


As well as standard products TCL Plastics has a range of metal replacement products for aggressive and chemical requirements which are class leading and with the support of our supplier base enable us to solve complex design requirements and add value for our customers.

Manufacturers in Ireland that produce for the automotive sector are bringing value and innovation directly to manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers in Europe.

In a competitive environment, innovation, function, security of supply and delivery on time are key.


  • Exteriors
  • Interiors
  • Under the hood
  • Automotive lighting
  • Heavy truck
  • Crash & chassis
  • Body panels & bumpers
  • Instruments panel
  • Fuel systems
  • Headlight lenses & reflectors
  • EV connectors & battery components
  • Lighting components
  • Grilles

Electrical & Electronic

Combining excellent mechanical properties, thermal management, shielding, highly sensitive touch capabilities.

All colourable and easily processible TCL Plastics resins can help make products more durable, reliant, lighter, responsive and visually unique.


  • Antenna & mobile phone components
  • Solar
  • Notebook & tablet devices
  • Sensor solutions
  • Display solutions 
  • Busbars & connectors
  • LED lighting
  • Circuit protection
  • Wire & cable
  • Cabin aerospace components


TCL Plastics’s industrial clients present a myriad of engineering problems, requiring complex solutions and differentiation.

Use of materials in significant temperature ranges, alongside true metal replacement come to the fore in solving complex functional performance over the long term in harsh environments.


  • Gears
  • Turbines & Fans
  • Gas Meters
  • EV stations & connectors
  • Exposure to industrial fluids and lubricants
  • Dosing equipment for paints, pigments & coatings
  • Pumps, valve & motor applications
  • Mass transit cabling

Agricultural & Construction

Customers present challenging needs that have to perform over long periods in UV, hostile chemical and environmental environments under load.

Architects and builders are looking for new solutions for environmentally responsible structures to meet current and upcoming regulatory requirements and achieve recognition through programs such as the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building certification system.

For the global water management industry, TCL Plastics offers solutions for corrosion avoidance, light weighting and measurement accuracy.  With its extremely low water absorption and long-term fatigue performance in products ranging from filtration valves to water meters.


  • Beverage fluid conveyance
  • Pipe
  • Water & plumbing connectors
  • Filtration valves
  • HVAC components
  • Wall fixings & nails
  • Components of milking parlours
  • Safety, smoke & security devices

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