Realisation from concept through design process, tooling and onto full production are TCL Plastics core activities for our clients in helping them deliver commercial products using both engineering and commodity resins.

TCL Plastics sources our broad product range from quality global innovative manufacturers to ensure our clients are offered the very latest technologies.

Stock Management Solutions

Proactively managing producer lead times and customer designated stock through our warehouses allows us to guarantee our customers what and when they want it.

Core to all our relationships is ongoing quality communication whether its market information, product developments or just simply order processing and fulfilment.

Dealing with the unexpected or unscheduled is never a problem for TCL Plastics – problems don’t always occur during office hours.

If you have a challenge or want a solution to a problem, ask us we are here to help.

Our Team

TCL Plastics‘s friendly team has nearly 50 years of combined experience in the plastics industry, developing new products & improving existing applications, in conjunction with our suppliers, customers and toolmakers. With all employees having 10+ Years in the industry it allows us to apply their knowledge to serve our customers and plan strategically.

Core providers to TCL Plastics are appraised for their suitability. Regular reviews and monitoring of external service providers ensures standards and levels are maintained. Core to all our relationships is ongoing quality communication whether its market information, product developments or just simply order processing and fulfilment.

Cohn O'Jonnell

(NEEDS NEW COPY) Cohn O’Jonnell​ is the managing partner of Markowitz & Mellencamp, P.C., established in 1983. Jillian has been accredited by the American Bar Association. As a leading lawyer in the firm, Jillian uses her experience and personal relationships to get results for all M&M’s clients. She is a talented and hard working attorney who never stops trying to bring another win for her clients.


(NEEDS NEW COPY) Harren holds a Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA) degree, and has over 18 years of experience as a prosecutor in New York State. Andrew has personally handled quite a few high-profile cases, both as prosecutor as well as a defense lawyer. He has represented over 100 New York firms in various litigations, an has only lost once, throughout his entire career.

Northern Ireland Polymers Association

Advancing innovation, growth and commercial success within the polymer sector. With an external market focus two thirds of the NIPA Manufacturing Members each individually either export to more than 30 countries worldwide or are a valued part of a Multi National Enterprise (MNE) business.

Irish Medtech Association

The leading business organisation representing Ireland’s global medtech hub. With over 450 companies exporting €12.6bn worth of product annually and employing 36,000 people, the medical technology industry represents an important and growing sector of the Irish economy.

ISO 9001 Quality Management

ISO 9001:2015 is the world’s foremost quality management standard, used by hundreds of thousands of organizations in over 170 countries around the globe. It sets out the essential requirements for a practical and effective quality management system (QMS) which is, in essence, a system for minimising risk and maximising opportunity.

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