Environmental Policy

Global environmental concerns such as climate change pose a critical threat to the sustainability of earth. It must be a top management priority for us to address these concerns and contribute to building a sustainable society.

We will do so by committing to make continuous environmental improvements to our management system, reducing the environmental impacts of our businesses throughout their lifecycles, and where possible actively engaging in business activities and help make decisions that make positive contributions to the environment by following this global environmental policy.

1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
We shall comply with international declarations, agreements, and treaties, as well as with the laws and regulations of the countries and regions in which we operate.

2. Response to Climate Change
We shall reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase the efficiency of energy use within our own operations, as well as externally provide products and services that contribute to the mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

3. Environmental Pollution Prevention
We shall prevent and reduce environmental pollution caused by chemical substances and polymers and ensure they are appropriately disposed of.

4. Promotion of Resource Circulation
We shall contribute to the formation of a circular society by promoting the sustainable use of resources (such as fossil fuels, minerals, food, animals and plants), a reduction in the amount of resources used, a reduction in the amount of waste discharged and recycling across our business.

5. Conservation and Effective Use of Water Resources
We shall reduce water consumption through efficient water use and recycling.

6. Biodiversity Conservation
We shall recognize the value of the benefits that we receive from the natural ecosystem, minimize our impact on biodiversity, and contribute to its conservation.

7. Transparency
We shall proactively disclose our policies and environmental information and maintain a communicative relationship with our stakeholders.

Issue Date: March 2024
Next Review : June 2026