Business Ethics Policy

The Company is committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity in its business activities in the Republic and Northern Ireland.

This Business Ethics Policy outlines the Company’s position on  prohibiting and preventing bribery, fraud, dishonesty, and illegal activity of which the Company takes a zero-tolerance approach. To ensure this, the Company is  committed to implementing effective measures to prevent, monitor and eliminate the forementioned.

This policy applies to all  employees of the Company, and to temporary workers, consultants, contractors, acting for, or on behalf of, the Company within the Republic and Northern Ireland. Every employee and associated  person acting for, or on behalf of, the Company is responsible for maintaining the highest standards of business conduct. Any breach of this policy is likely to constitute a serious disciplinary, contractual and criminal matter for the individual concerned and may cause serious damage to the reputation and standing of the Company.
In compliance with statutory legislations and to embed commitment to integrity and honesty the Company will not sanction the following:

  • Give or offer any payment, gift, hospitality or other benefit in the expectation that a business advantage will be received, or to reward any business received.
  • Accept any offer from a third party that is known or suspected to be made with the expectation that the Company will provide a business advantage for their business or anyone else.
  • Give or offer any payment to a Government official in any country to facilitate or speed up a routine or necessary procedure.
  • Tangible assets and intangible assets such as computer systems, bespoke processes, software, intellectual property, trade secrets and confidential information shall not be used for unauthorised or unlawful purposes or for
    personal gain.
  • Engage in any business practice which is unethical or amounts to unfair competition.
  • Unlawfully or inadvertently acquire, use or disclose to any third party any proprietary information or intellectual property of another party.
  • Engage in any activity or business practice whether unilaterally or in conjunction with any other party which is in breach of any applicable
    competition and/or anti-trust law in the relevant jurisdiction.
  • Unlawfully induce any party to breach a contract with any third party.
  • Make false statements about a competitor’s products and/or services.

The Board of Directors are fully committed to ensure compliance and effective implementation of this policy.

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