EMS-GRIVORY Our metal is called Grivory

Grivory® GV is the brand name of a group of engineering plastics manufactured and marketed by EMS-GRIVORY. The materials in this group are based on semi-crystalline polyamides with some partially aromatic content. Grivory GV is available in granular form for processing by injection moulding in generally available machines and moulds. The grades of material within this group are differentiated by the type and composition of the base polymers and their modification with reinforcing materials (glass fibres, minerals), stabilisers and processing aids.

Grivory GV is used for the manufacture of technical components which are characterised by:


  • high stiffness and strength
  • property values which are little influenced by the absorption of moisture
  • high dimensional stability and low warpage
  • good resistance to chemicals, typical of polyamides
  • good surface quality
  • efficient, cost effective manufacturing



This strong profile of properties ensures that Grivory GV is ideally suited for the replacement of metal. The important parameters for metal replacement, such as stiffness and strength, are largely unaffected by the absorption of moisture. Grivory GV is physiologically safe and can be used in sensitive applications involving direct contact with foodstuffs and drinking water. 

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